About us

ARTA company

Arta Co. is a designer, innovator and manufacturer of different devices with high technical knowledge in the field of energy technology. The company was established in 2015 by a group of energy engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer specialists that have designed and produced several knowledge-based products so far.

The company’s research and related industrial activities include energy systems, advanced freshwater production systems, and solar engineering. Developing a knowledge-based industry, commercializing the results of research, and development in the field energy technologies are among the company’s goals.


 Arta Co. Vision:

Arta Company intends to be a leading company in the field of energy technologies as well as the design and production of thermal desalination plants following international standards.

Environmental protection and keeping up with the latest technological advances are among the company’s prior goals.

Arta Co. Mission:

Arta Co. aims to develop high-efficiency and low-cost desalination systems to be affordable for different communities, including low-income countries. To achieve this goal, Arta Co. has created a bridge between university and industry and develops modern technologies based on the most recent advances in science.

Simplicity of the design, high-efficiency of the thermal systems and affordability of the cost of the systems manufactured by Arta Co. are the great competences the company is proud of.

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